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There are a lot of beautiful plants and delicious foods at the Salad Farm.

The Salad Farm is a soothing theme park where visitors can enjoy various activities throughout the year.

Enjoy the foliage at Hachimantai Flowerland

During the summer, many flowers bloom over the spacious grounds of Flowerland. This theme park is the largest of its kind in Iwate, and mainly features flowers unique to Japan, blooming in diverse colors.

Try picking strawberries in the strawberry forest.

The “strawberry forest” at the Salad Farm offers two enjoyable options for visitors, a strawberry picking plan and an all-you-can-eat strawberry plan. This white building is warm during the winter in Hachimantai, and you can leisurely enjoy your time with the delicious strawberries.

Picking strawberries is just reservation only.

You have to  reserve first to come.

How to reserve? You can send email us from mail form about reservation.

※The “strawberry forest” 2020 season will open on January 11th,2020. You are able to make a reservation for 2020 season from December 12th,this year.

Petting Zoo

There are animals here that visitors can pet including alpacas, rabbits, and ponies. Visitors can also take pictures with the animals and feed them.

Hananomori Restaurant (Italian)

Enjoy dishes made utilizing the flavors of local vegetables and seafood. We also do our best to serve those with special dietary needs including vegetarians and people with food allergies.


Salad House Shop

We have a full line of sweets including our original product made by flavoring boiled eggs. They’re ideal as souvenirs.

Gardening goods specialty shop Garden Marche

We have many flowers grown in Hachimantai as well as a full line of garden equipment. You can also find the widest array of succulents in all of Tohoku here.

Our resident green advisor will answer all of your questions and requests allowing you to enjoy shopping to the fullest.

The Salad Farm is in the central area of the Towada-Hachimantai National Park.

From the spring to the summer, you can experience the fresh green of the virgin beech forests and other natural areas as well as the animals that inhabit them. While temperate, there is relatively low humidity. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful fall colors, and during the warm months this location is a very appealing place to escape from the summer heat.


There is a lot of snow during the winter.  Visitors can enjoy the excellent powder snow while doing winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, and this is also one of the leading areas in Japan for experiencing various activities throughout the year.


The Salad Farm operates mainly during the warm months, and serves as a stopover in the Towada-Hachimantai area, and is also a center for food and culture of the Hachimantai area that is very accessible to visitors.

Hachimantai National Park

The Towada-Hachimantai National Park is a national park located in northern Tohoku.It spreads over Aomori, Iwate, and Akita prefectures, and includes the Towada Lake and the volcanic area of Hachimantai.

It started on February 1, 1936, when the Towada area was designated as the Towada National Park, and the Yoshino Kumano National Park, Fuji-Hakone National Park (present-day Fuji-Hakone Izu National Park), and the Oyama National park (present-day Oyama Oki National Park) were established. On July 19th in 1956, the Hachimantai area was added and the current Towada-Hachimantai National park was formed.



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